Our products

We produce many different products, but our ferrules are the most wanted abroad. As all of our products, the ferrules are produced at our plant in Emmen, the Netherlands, and are exported to many different countries within Europe.


All of the ferrules we produce, as well as our other products, can be delivered in 6 different versions:

  • Blanc
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Galvanized Blue
  • Galvanized Yellow
  • Galvanized Black

The opening of the ferrules can nearly always be changed in size or can be adjusted into a slit.
Please contact us if you’re interested in knowing our prices, delivery times etc.


Would you be so kind to let us know which product you’re interested in and how much you expect to order, at once or perhaps monthly/yearly? The more information we receive, the quicker we can respond and if appropriate make you a proper offer.