Hut Metal and Plastic Supplies BV was created in 1945 in Velp, nearby Arnhem. After ten years, in 1955, we moved over to Emmen. We decided to move house to Emmen, because of the opportunities to growth.

Initially, we mainly produced ferrules for wooden handles. During the years we were able to extend our product assortment. Nowadays we produce many different mass products of metal.  

Such as:

• Ferrules for wooden handles
• Lighter shades
• Wrenches
• Bottle openers
• Radiator support
• Etc.

Besides the metal products we produce ourselves, we represent Allflex in the Netherlands. Allflex is the world’s leader in animal identification and for them we sell all kinds of plastic tags for cattle, pigs, sheeps and goats. These products are only for sale for our Dutch clients.

Our metal products, such as the ferrules, are mainly supplied to international clients anywhere  in Europe. Our customers are very dedicated to us and we appreciate the relationship we have with them. Of course we are always happy to welcome any new customers.


Thanks to our own tool and die shop, we are in the position to react very flexible to any wishes concerning e.g. adaptations in the size of our ferrules.

The sizes of the ferrules which you can find on this website, are the standard sizes we produce.

However, when you’d like to know whether we can produce a different size or adjust the opening/hole, please contact us by phone or send us an e-mail.

Of course this counts for any question or remark about any of our products. 






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